Preventing Staleness

Throwing weights around is one of my favorite things to do.  Physically, no matter how strenuous the training, I always feel better after than I did before.  Mentally, I find it to be a great time to forget about all the other stressors of daily life.

But as much as I’m a weight-lifting enthusiast, I’m also a realist.  I understand that not everyone will enjoy lifting as much as I do.

Some people may find it monotonous or boring.

Some may just prefer running.

Others may prefer something more game- or competition-like.  Maybe a pick-up game of basketball.

So how can accommodate those of you that may not be lifting enthusiasts, but like to keep in shape?

How about an activity that is guaranteed to stimulate fat loss?

How about an activity that involves some competition?

How about an activity that is just plain good-ol fun?


What is reactive agility training you ask? It’s a form of training that involves quick accelerations, decelerations, and changes of direction…in response to an external stimulus.  While this is a activity is paramount for training athletes to read the movements of opponents and react accordingly, it can also be a great way for recreational athletes (or active non-athletes) to break through the monotony of gym workouts.  And the high intensity, intermittent nature of the activity makes it perfect for stimulating fat loss!

A few days ago I posted an article on reactive agility training with my four favorite drills.  Check out the article and give some of the drills a shot.

It’s starting to get nice out. Enjoy the weather.  If your training partner, friends, and significant others don’t share your interest in reactive agility training, challenge your neighbor or local mailman (or mailwomen) to a race. Once you beat them, selling them on 30 minutes of competitive training should be easy!

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