Postural Restoration Institute Interview

I was recently very humbled to be asked to be the “Featured Interview” for the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI).

Postural Restoration Institute

As you likely know, I’ve been heavily influenced by the lens through which PRI views structure and function, and their courses have had a fairly profound impact on the way we assess and train our athletes at Endeavor. I like to think our philosophies and methodologies have also had an impact on them, as we now have evidence of PRI’s support for heavy lifting!

Jen Poulin Deadlifting

Instructor Jen Poulin preparing to pull 5 wheels after a long day of teaching at Endeavor

While the interview certainly has a PRI undertone, it also dives into several things I think you’ll really enjoy, including:

  1. My vision for Endeavor Sports Performance, and ultimately, what I strongly believe is the best approach to preparing athletes
  2. Exactly what we’re doing with our off-season hockey players at Endeavor this Summer
  3. A few ways we have and are integrating PRI concepts into our programs
  4. My short list of go-to rehabilitation specialists in our area
  5. A list of my mentors, which (not coincidentally) are also the top people I recommend young S&C professionals pursue internships with
  6. My thoughts on the Postural Restoration Trained credentialing process

Check out all of this and more here >> PRI’s Featured Interview with Kevin Neeld

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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