Philadelphia Union Fitness Coach Kevin Miller on Optimizing Movement

My new DVD set Optimizing Movement was released several months ago and I continue to get outstanding feedback from a wide range of professionals throughout the training and rehabilitation spectrum.

Optimizing Movement DVD Package
Today I wanted to share a review that Kevin Miller, Fitness Coach for the Philadelphia Union Major League Soccer Team, recently sent me. This is a neat review because it shows how this information not only impacts his athletes, but also his own health/performance. It also highlights the fact that there are underlying patterns that affect all movement, regardless of sport, and that these need to be addressed in order to get the most out of more sport-specific work. Enjoy!

Kevin Miller
“I recently purchased a copy of Optimizing Movement by Kevin Neeld. As a coach I am always looking for ways to reduce injuries as well as improve the performance of the athletes and clients that I work with. As an athlete myself I want to make sure that I am staying up with the latest research to improve my performance as well.

When I heard that Kevin was coming out with a product I had no doubt that what he was planning to offer would be a quality product. With new products coming out every day it’s hard to decide what products will actually offer value. I have followed Kevin over the past few years so I was confident that this product would offer tremendous value.

One of the main reasons I purchased the DVD was I wanted to see how Kevin and his staff set up their training system and specially their assessment and corrective exercise philosophy. Having taken a PRI course, I wanted to know what is the best way to implement these strategies into a group training environment.  The DVD is broken down into three parts, which I’ve described below with a few of my own thoughts.

Part 1 Key Topics

  1. Goals of training
  2. Movement is a big piece of reducing injuries
  3. Athletic Performance Pyramid
  4. Foundations of Optimal Movement
  5. Explains joint neutrality and basic overview of PRI
  6. Importance  of the diaphragm in performance
  7. Provides excellent pictures of athletes that present with problems
  8. Overview of FAI
  9. Provides his assessment for FAI
  10. Discusses regional interdependence
  11. Joint by Joint

Part 2 Key Topics

  1. Talks about his assessments
  2. Does a really good job of explaining some of the PRI tests
  3. This section was really good because he has videos for all of his assessments and does a really good job of explaining each test

Part 3 Key Topics

  1. Talks about how to manage movement and how he sets up his corrective exercise strategy
  2. Provides the four places he puts corrective exercise
  3. Provides video for LAIC problems and solutions for people that present with this pattern

Overall this product is excellent. Having taken a Myokinematic Restoration course from PRI this product has really helped my understand how to implement what I was able to learn in the two day course and integrate it into a team setting.  The information that I was able to learn in this DVD will help me tremendously with the professional soccer players as well as the weekend warriors that I work with on a daily basis.

From a personal standpoint I am a classic LAIC pattern in the PRI world. So for me I took a lot of the information that I was able to learn in this product and I have started to implement these strategies into my own training and I can honestly say that I feel better. Over the years I have suffered several nagging injuries on my left side and I really had no solution as to why this was happening. Foam rolling and stretching was not cutting it. With the addition of some  simple changes and a better understanding of why I may have had these injuries I expect to reduce the number of injuries in the future while improving my performance in the weight room as well as on the track.

In summary, I would definitely recommend this product. I have spent much more on products that were not worth the shipping costs. This product is high quality and Kevin provides valuable information to the coaches in the sports performance field.”

Kevin Miller
Philadelphia Union Fitness Coach

 Optimizing Movement Cover-Small

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To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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