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A couple weeks ago Seth Bronheim and Varun Sriram, the Director of Nutrition & Fitness and Digital Marketing Manager, respectively, of Generation UCAN were in the Philadelphia area for an endurance event and had a chance to stop by Endeavor to check the facility out. While they were in town, we did a quick interview discussing how we’ve been recommending our athletes and general fitness clientele use Generation UCAN’s products, and what types of responses we’ve seen/heard. As you likely know, I’ve been a big proponent of UCAN since being introduced to the company several years ago at the annual BSMPG seminar in Boston.

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While UCAN is a young company, they’ve already gained popularity across many elite level athletic domains, including ice hockey, football, and endurance events. Anecdotally, we’ve had many players that felt like their legs crashed on them somewhere in the range of the middle of the 2nd to middle of the 3rd period and say they feel amazing through the whole game when drinking one of UCAN’s sports drinks immediately before the game or sipping it throughout. I’d encourage you to learn more about it, as it’s a much healthier alternative to many of the more commonly used sports drinks.

The video below is what I believe to be the first of several that they’re creating using some of the interview footage from our meeting at Endeavor and that with Cassandra Forsythe, a really bright nutritionist that I had the pleasure of meeting while I was an intern at Cressey Performance. As a brief aside, you’ll have to forgive my appearance. About 8 weeks ago I spontaneously made a decision that I was going to relive my glory days as a player and let my hair grow out until November (Flowvember?). This video was taken at about week 2 of the inevitable 12-week awkward grow out period. Enjoy!

…Not quite this awkward (2010 Playoff Beard)

UCAN Optimize Performance

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