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In February, I had an opportunity to do a one-day presentation with Joel Jamieson at Dynamic Strength and Conditioning in Nashua, NH. Shortly after announcing I would be there, I got an influx of emails from people that wouldn’t be able to make it (weird that people wouldn’t want to travel to New Hampshire in the middle of Winter?), but were hoping my presentations would be recorded. I’m excited to announce that the 2-DVD set of the three presentations I gave are FINALLY here!

Optimizing Movement DVD Package

Click here for more information and to watch the trailer! >> Optimizing Movement

As I alluded to in my article “Groundbreaking Research on Hockey Hip Injuries” from a couple days ago (which also discusses how prevalent these issues are in other sports and populations), the athletic population that is entering our facilities these days are increasingly “sub-clinical”, presenting with a number of structural and functional limitations that will heavily influence their movement, athletic capacities, and ultimately their performance in sport. The assumptions that exercise technique standards should be the same for all athletes and that athletes are symmetrical in their joint structure and range of motion aren’t just misguided, they’re potentially very dangerous. As a result of these things, the sports performance coach or clinician that has a toolbox of specific assessments, a system of effective corrective approaches, and a keen eye for how specific limitations influence movement expression/exercise technique, will be able to design more individual-specific training programs and use more individual-specific coaching/teaching cues. Simply, this approach leads to better results, and helps develop high performing, extremely durable athletes, which is always the goal.

This is exactly why I put this presentation together, to outline my philosophy, assessment system, and corrective approach to training athletes. The DVDs are divided into three sections:

  1. Optimizing Movement: Creating a Foundational Platform for Peak Performance
  2. Integrating Assessments into Sports Performance Programs
  3. Managing Movement: Corrective Exercise and Program Adaptations

Optimizing Movement systematically addresses the whys and hows of assessing individual athlete needs and designing programs accordingly. The feedback from personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and rehabilitation professionals alike has been outstanding so far. Click the link below for more information and to grab your copy today!

Click here for more information >> Optimizing Movement

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

P.S. No time for assessments? Optimizing Movement presents alternative approaches on how to individualize programs that can be used in ANY training situation! Click here to learn how >> Optimizing Movement

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