Optimizing Movement Interview on Strength Coach Podcast

As I write this I have a player waiting for me to work on him, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Last week I did an interview for the “Hit the Gym with the Strength Coach” segment of the Strength Coach Podcast. The Strength Coach Podcast has been one of my go-to audio resources for several years, as it features many of the most innovative professionals in strength and conditioning and sports rehabilitation.

Strength Coach Podcast

In the interview, we covered a lot of topics from my new DVD-set Optimizing Movement, including:

  1. Foundations of optimal movement
  2. Ways to determine if a joint is neutral or centrated
  3. How being naturally asymmetrical influences assessment findings
  4. How we incorporate breathing work into our programs and how I introduced it to a new team I train
  5. Several “big rocks” from DNS and PRI, and how it influences the way we view and coach our exercises

This is a great episode as Coach Boyle, Mark Verstegen and Charlie Weingroff are also on to share their insight. Check it out at the link below!

Listen to the episode here >> Strength Coach Podcast: Episode 140

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