Olympics, Breathing, PRI, and Athletic Excellence

I spent the weekend in Phoenix, AZ at a PRI Vision course and spending some time with Neil Rampe, Charlie Weingroff, Doug(las) Kechijian, and a couple guys from the Diamondbacks staff. I still have a lot to digest and will spend some time studying the course materials over the next few weeks to see what I can do to improve my programs. As is always the case when I get together with these guys, I learned just as much outside the course as I did inside. A lot of great conversations!

I got back late last night, so I’m brain-fried right now and pretty far behind on a bunch of work (just found out I’m presenting in Philadelphia, twice, in two weeks…with no presentation started!). Fortunately, I was able to jump on a call with my friend Maria Mountain before I left and she just posted the recording of our call. In it, she asked me about:

  1. U.S. vs. Canada Olympic hockey (this wasn’t a questioning as much as trash talking!)
  2. How I use Postural Restoration Institute techniques with my athletes
  3. How breathing can influence performance and recovery
  4. The key qualities shared by exceptional athletes

The call isn’t overly long, but we cover a lot of good stuff, so make sure you check it out! Also, I don’t know all the details, but I know Maria is going to offer an AWESOME deal on all of our goalie training products, so if you’re a goalie and looking for great training opportunities, make sure you check out her site over the next few days: Hockey Training Pro

Listen here >> Hockey Training Interrogation with Kevin Neeld

In a couple days, I’ll be releasing the first part of a 3-article “Optimal Movement” series that dives into why recognizing structural and functional limitations is so important, what you need to know about corrective exercise, and how to individual programs in a group setting. Lots of great stuff coming in the next week. In the meantime, you can grab a copy of my 2-DVD set Optimizing Movement today for $20 off as part of an “Extended Black Friday” sale! Click the link below for more information!

Have a happy Thanksgiving and check back in a couple days for Part 1!

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