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“I first met Kevin when he became a part of our coaching staff for the UMass Women’s Ice Hockey Team. In addition to being our Assistant Coach, Kevin was our Strength and Conditioning Coach and lead our team through off-ice training twice a week. He helped many of us realize how to address soreness and injuries using foam rolling and specific stretches. I was so impressed with his knowledge and coaching ability that I asked if he would train me to help me prepare for my dream of trying out for the 2010 Women’s U.S. Olympic Team. We started about 4 months before tryouts. I immediately noticed a difference in my explosiveness side-to-side, my quickness in around the crease, my stamina, and my strength on and off the ice.

By the time tryouts rolled around I had dropped around 5 lbs. of fat and noticed a drastic change in strength in my legs, core, and arms. Of the 24 goalies at that tryout, I was one of a few that made it through the first round of cuts, and I went into the tryout with a tremendous amount of confidence.the only goalie to post a shutout during the next day’s scrimmage. I don’t know where I would be without having had the help from Kevin. While I didn’t make the team this go around, I’m excited to have him coach me again for the 2014 tryout.”







Christen “Eagle” Eulian
Goalie, Women’s Ice Hockey Team
University of Massachusetts Amherst

“I first came across Kevin at when reading his article Battling Anatomy: Implications for Effective Squatting. As a Strength & Conditioning Coach I am always looking seeking quality information to improve myself professionally and to improve the quality of my athletes’ workouts. Because many of my clients have movement impairments I found Kevin’s article extremely interesting. I emailed Kevin with a couple of questions and was amazed with how in depth his responses were and how much I was able to learn. I knew then that Kevin Neeld was a Strength Coach I needed to keep tabs on. I regularly read Kevin’s blog at and signed up for his newsletter. Kevin consistently gives away unbelievable information. I have learned several different training methods and ways to improve my program design to get my athletes better results, faster. I look forward to what Kevin plans to put out in the future and the impact it will have on me as a coach. If you are an athlete trying to improve your performance or a coach looking to increase your knowledge base I suggest you invest in yourself by reading Kevin’s work and purchasing one of his products.”

Jason Price







Jason Price
Founder & CEO, Athletes Equation
Director of Strength & Conditioning, Ullucci Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy


“I first consulted with Kevin about my training as a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps, while on leave after my occupational school. I spent a few personal training sessions with him, and he completely changed my view on strength and conditioning. Considering I had been training for several years, I was surprised how quickly I added muscle and lost fat following Kevin’s advice. A few months later, I am in the best shape of my life. Now, as a Corporal, we are still in contact through the internet. I am in charge of my unit’s physical training sessions and often ask Kevin for advice. My unit’s physical fitness scores have skyrocketed. I even channel many of my Marines’ questions about injuries, training, and nutrition to Kevin. His knowledge is limitless and, I’m sure, ever expanding.”







Cpl Jones, USMC

“I hired Kevin for my assistant coaching position with the University of Massachusetts Women’s Ice Hockey team because of his enthusiasm, passion and knowledge about the game of hockey and strength and conditioning. Kevin immediately had a positive impact on our team on and off the ice. He ran our off-ice workouts one day a week and designed individual workouts that the girls could do on their own twice a week. His hockey workouts focused on core and lower body strength as well as functional flexibility. Kevin helped the girls change their views on strength training from “If I workout I will get big unattractive muscles” to “Wow, if I train like this I can get in great playing shape and also get the beach body I have always wanted!” Before Kevin joined my staff the girls felt that keeping their calories around 1600 a day and eating nothing but salads was proper diet. Kevin taught them that they need a well balanced diet consisting of protein and good fats along with complex carbohydrates to reach maximum potential on the ice.  He helped them stay healthy and prevent injuries; as a result we only had one injury the whole season and it was a concussion from a weird collision. He was a great resource, addressing all the girls’ questions about training, sports nutrition and supplementation, and nagging injuries.  He was great with the girls, whether it was a one-on-one setting or a team training session. I would recommend Kevin without hesitation as a personal trainer for an everyday person trying to lose weight or an NHL team that was looking to hire a strength and condition coach. Without Kevin our team would not have reached the Nationals Quarterfinals last season. Thanks for everything Kevin!”

Hockey Coach, Hockey Training, Ice Hockey Training, Off-Ice Training







Chris Cobb
Head Coach, University of Massachusetts Amherst Women’s Ice Hockey

“Kevin is unique in his expertise both on and off the ice. On the ice, I’ve had Kevin run clinics, give personal lessons, and even coach for me. In as little as 30 minutes I’ve seen Kevin drastically improve the performance of some of my players. There are plenty of talented hockey players out there. Kevin excels in his ability to teach others. He is a well-rounded coach in that he can confidently develop a player’s skating and puck handling abilities, as well teach a group of players to work cohesively as a unit. Off the ice, Kevin has established himself as the go-to person in strength and conditioning for hockey players. His training is both unique and effective, resulting in clear on-ice improvements. Without a doubt the most important thing is that the kids love Kevin. They see how his coaching will make them a better player. They have fun working with him. In a sport where players need to seek out figure skating coaches to learn to skate and videos to learn how to handle a puck, it is refreshing to see a coach that gets it all, that can teach the game as a whole. Whether it’s power skating, puck control, or developing speed and explosiveness, Kevin is the person I send my players to.”








Mark Cardillo
Head Coach, Delaware Ducks U-18 and Tatnall High School Varsity
Hockey Director, The Pond Ice Arena
Newark, DE

“My son Eric had recurring hip flexor and subsequent groin pulls for 18 months, which caused him to miss some important games, including a tournament heavily scouted by D1 coaches.  Kevin developed a program which first helped correct the issues, then developed a maintenance program to help prevent further occurrences.  Kevin demonstrated all the exercises for Eric, then sent him a link to videos of all the exercises in case he forgot anything.

Since then my son has played through a demanding travel season, completed a high school season, and competed in high level Spring tournaments without any issues.  He continues to use Kevin’s program, which I believe is the whole reason for an injury free season.”

Eric Downes








Jeff Downes
Newark, DE

“While implementing Kevin’s training program, I saw a clear improvement in our team’s overall performance.  On-ice training and daily practices can only take a team so far, but it’s the off-ice training that really makes the difference in a player’s individual performance and his/her impact on the team. As a group, we suffered fewer injuries throughout the course of the year and had greater stamina which allowed us to be the better team in the third period. Kevin developed a hockey-specific training program that increased our players’ individual speed and strength, which directly attributed to team success. If it weren’t for Kevin’s programs we would not have made it to the semi-finals of the ACHA Division I National Tournament in back to back years.”

DeAngelis Picture







Mike DeAngelis
Head Coach, University of Delaware Ice Hockey;
Former G.M., New Jersey Rockets Junior Hockey Organization
Newark, DE

“It is amazing how much starting grad school at the age of 42 can reduce your overall activity level.  I spent so much time sitting while I was studying, in class and writing that I started to put on weight.  Gaining weight resulted in a health scare that prompted me to hire a personal trainer.  Although my background and certifications (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and Clinical Exercise Specialist through the ACSM) would enable me to train myself, with my busy schedule I needed to be accountable to someone else.

This is what led me to Kevin, who I approached to help me reach my goals of weight loss and improved health.  I made it clear that I needed him to push me in the gym and he didn’t let me down.  It wasn’t long before I regained my confidence in the gym and was feeling strong and healthy, working out once or twice a day, 4 – 5 days a week.  Within a few short months at my next doctor’s appointment, the test results were my reward – the health scare was squashed and I had already lost more than 10% of my body weight.  Personally, the intensity of the program that Kevin designed and helped me endure gave me the energy and freedom to explore many outside activities to improve my overall lifestyle (e.g. hiking, kayaking and playing pick-up soccer with my fellow younger graduate students).

Kevin’s years of experience were evident in the types and progression of exercises included in my weekly programs. He introduced me to many whole-body resistance exercises that focused on strengthening my body to handle my daily activities. Although I disliked the high intensity bike sprints for the first few weeks, he assured me that they would prove to be valuable in reaching my goals. I have since learned to love the sprints and how they make me feel strong.

Kevin also assisted me in over-coming some injuries over the past year, changing and adapting my program to allow me to continue towards my goals during the healing process. I always know that Kevin is only an e-mail away when I have a question or two, and he still let’s me brag about the accomplishments I make in my workouts.  To date I have lost over 40 pounds and significantly reduced my risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes.  I am stronger than I have been in years and it is no longer painful to simply climb in and out of the car or climb a flight of stairs. Although I have a way to go to reach my ultimate weight goal, I have to thank Kevin for helping me get back on the right track. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Cheryl A Howe, CSCS, CES, PhD
University of Massachusetts Amherst

“In the short time that I have been able to interact with Kevin, I can say without hesitation, that he’s legit. It’s rare when you come across someone in this industry that possesses the research based “smarts” along with the practical knowledge to be able to relay that information to athletes (as well as your everyday gym rat) in a way that not only they can understand, but also not feel like they’re being talked down to. Even rarer still, is the fact that in an industry where coaches and trainers feel like they’ve peaked after having read two books, or feel they have learned all they need to learn after one year (yes, this happens), Kevin goes out of his way to better himself each and everyday. His thirst for knowledge and self-improvement is infectious and I can honestly say that interacting with him has made me a better coach.”

Tony Gentilcore





Tony Gentilcore
Co-Owner, Cressey Performance

“Thank you for taking the time to work with Brodie one-on-one. The few hours you spent with him really helped improve his skating and stickhandling skills, but most importantly his confidence. He is extremely comfortable working with you and is anxious to skate with you again. Brodie has been playing travel hockey for over 6 years and has attended many hockey skills clinics, but I must say I have seen more improvement just in the few sessions he has had with you than in any of the week long camps he has attended. What I like most is your attention to detail and how you take the time to really explain what it is he needs to correct. It’s obvious that you know how to translate what it is you want to teach in a way he can understand and relate to, which is what good teachers do. It’s clear to me that you have a passion for hockey and are committed to sharing this knowledge with others. I have seen too many people run camps just for the money, and they forgot about what is important, which is developing the young players. Keep up the good work! Brodie looks forward to skating with you again soon.”

Ron Deysher
Middletown, DE

“Kevin, I want to thank you for the help you’ve given Billy over the last two years. Despite only working with you once a week, I was amazed at the progress Billy made each summer. He made greater strides during the summer months than while playing for Cross-Ice and In-House teams during the regular season. I saw you and Billy on the ice, working with individual components of skating or stick handling, not knowing quite what you were doing. But, by the end of the practice, Billy had a firm grasp on all of the parts of the equation and it was always apparent which direction you were leading him. I was amazed that my son could perform intricate movements after only a few hour-long lessons that he had not been able to master during a full season of hockey with experienced coaches.

At the end of the season last year I was planning to sign Billy up for the In-House League the following Fall session. At the evaluation in the Fall, one of the coaches from the travel team kept asking the parents who the boy in the yellow jersey was who could do backwards crossovers around the circles. When I told him that it was Billy, his jaw almost hit the floor. He said that we should have been trying out for the travel team. No one thought that Billy would have made the progress that he did during the summer. Billy was the youngest Mite to make the travel team last year. The team went undefeated in league play and they won two of the three tournaments they participated in during the season.

More importantly, you contributed so much more than just teaching my son to play hockey. You became Billy’s idol and mentor. Billy couldn’t wait to go see you play or go to the clinics you were instructing. He can’t finish a sentence about hockey without including a mention of his best friend, Kevin.

You reinforced discipline along with his lessons and truly earned the respect and admiration of my son. A child of Billy’s age is easily distracted. You were able to harness that energy and keep him focused on the game. I was impressed by your ability to work with younger players and to push the older players to their limits simultaneously during the clinics we attended. Your innate ability to communicate your vast knowledge to both young players and parents alike is truly special. Thank you for everything you have done to help Billy in the past. He can’t wait to skate with you again!”






Terry Pierce

“Kevin is by far the most intelligent and thorough strength and conditioning coach I have ever worked with. His ability to analyze and apply current research and scientific principles to help his athlete’s achieve elite performance is unprecedented. I have trained exclusively with accomplished Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting coaches since the age of 14. My time spent with the “Old School” coaches left me with an extremely solid foundation,and a few nagging injuries that were hindering my performance. Kevin excelled where many strength coaches and trainers failed. He meticulously dissected every aspect of my training and revolutionized my pre-workout protocols. The warm-ups he designed served to increase muscular activation without causing fatigue. What amazed me the most was his ability to analyze my weaknesses and injuries, and then correct them with the introduction of an individual mobility protocol. With my pains gone and the “overshooting warm-up” protocol added into my training program I am breaking through plateaus, reaching new PR’s, and most importantly staying healthy. Kevin genuinely cares about the athletes he coaches. His dedication to the people around him and his profession guarantee that he will make a big impact in the strength and conditioning world.”

Michael Cunningham, CSCS
Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting Competitor
Master’s Student in Neuroendocrinology, UMass Amherst
Watertown, MA

“Having coached competitive figure skaters and hockey players from the beginner to Gold Medal and NHL levels, I know it is imperative to have a superior conditioning program that is designed to meet an athletes’ particular needs.

I met Kevin a few years ago and was immediately impressed at his level of dedication to all of his clients, whether it was someone simply interested in improving their overall health and fitness or an elite athlete. He sees the big picture regarding the importance of strength and conditioning, nutrition, and sport specific skills.

What impressed me the most about Kevin is his dedication to personal development. I have had great success in improving skating abilities by drilling down on the basics. At his own time and expense, Kevin spent countless hours with me both on and off the ice picking my brain for my most effective drills and the rationale behind them. He then developed his own exercises he felt would enhance the power and effectiveness behind each one of them. It is rare to meet someone with Kevin’s passion and enthusiasm.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, Kevin has something to offer for anyone who is disciplined enough to pursue improved health and performance.”





Patty DeLisi
Former Power Skating Coach for NHL team
College and Junior level power coach
USFS Gold Medalist
Professional Figure Skating Coach for 35 years

“For the last 30 years I haven’t done much except play some tennis and kayak infrequently.  When I started working with Kevin, my primary goal was to improve my functional abilities, so that when I retire in 7 years I would be able to do all the things I haven’t had time or energy for-mountain climbing, long bike rides, even longer kayak trips, etc.

After a year of training with Kevin, I lost over 30 pounds of fat (while gaining 10 pounds of muscle), dropped 2 pant sizes, and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are well below normal.  Besides the obvious physical benefits I also feel better than I have felt in years.  My energy levels are up, I handle stress better, and I don’t feel “winded” by activities that left me feeling drained not long ago.

Kevin is truly a remarkable man.  He has an impressive knowledge base regarding the muscular system and how to manipulate exercise to improve health and performance.  His ability to teach proper movement allowed me to train at a high intensity for a year without even a minor injury.  I was sad to hear that Kevin was moving out of Massachusetts to start working at Endeavor Sports Performance.  Without reservation, I recommend Kevin to anyone looking to improve their health or performance.”

Linda Downs-Bembury
Grants Manager, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, MA

“I am a 15 year veteran of the Amherst (MA) police department and have always been committed to fitness, both through strength training and endurance activities.  In 2008, I approached my department’s administration to see if we could implement into our annual in-service curriculum a block of instruction related to health and wellness.  They fully supported the idea and I sought out the strength and conditioning staff at UMass.  It was through them that I was introduced to Kevin who agreed to take on the challenge.  Presenting material to cops can be a difficult endeavor, but Kevin performed admirably.  Several of my colleagues commented on his presentation skills, passion for the subject, and choosing topics of interest to our profession.

Following Kevin’s presentation I contacted him for my own training needs.  Kevin and I met prior to our time together and discussed my training goals, previous injuries, and how his philosophies were adaptable.  For the next several months we worked on core conditioning, identified and improved upon physiological weaknesses, and improved my overall strength.  I enjoyed each session with Kevin and walked away with new found knowledge and excitement to continue to set new goals. I even learned to enjoy pull-ups!

With a broad understanding of human anatomy, strength and conditioning, a gift for teaching, and an athletic background, Kevin was a perfect fit for me. He understands the demands of the public safety profession and can develop programs specific to the demands of our job.”

Bill Laramee






Bill Laramee
Patrolman, Amherst Police Department