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The other day I mentioned that Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Dave Schmitz and BJ Gaddour have teamed up to create a special program known as the Elite Training Mentorship, where these guys pull back the curtain on how they deliver staff training, teach movements, design programs and get results for their
clients. The program strikes me as a unique opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants, a no-brainer for anyone that trains people for a living (and for the fitness enthusiasts).

Hopefully you had an opportunity to watch the free lower body assessment video that Eric put together. Assessing the hip and lower body is an area that I feel pretty confident in. Eric does an outstanding job in this video demonstrating a comprehensive assessment protocol. Given the proportion of sports injuries that directly affect and/or were driven or influenced by the hips and lower body, the information Eric provides is incredibly powerful, both in terms of maximizing performance by removing barriers, and augmenting injury resistance.

They’ll be releasing their Elite Training Mentorship program next week, but in the mean time, they just released another video that I wanted to share with you:

Watch the video here >> Metabolic Training

In this video, BJ Gaddour teaches you how to become the go-to metabolic training expert in a bootcamp style training session. I had an opportunity to meet BJ at last year’s Perform Better Summit in Chicago; he’s a great guy. I think “bootcamps” are easy to do wrong. It comes back to the “any idiot with a whistle can make a group of people tired, but that doesn’t mean it’s good training” thought process. Bad bootcamps still sell well because people equate tired with effective. BJ does it right. Whether you’re interested in running bootcamps or simply want to learn more about metabolic training, this is a great video to check out!

Watch the video here >> Bootcamp Training

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