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Lateral Core Training: Off-Bench Oblique Hold

Lateral core variation #3. This one only requires a bench. You can have a partner hold your legs, or just loop your feet under the edge of the bench. Set-up with the top of your hip at the edge of the bench.

Unlike many other variations, this is a great option for athletes that are “upper body compromised” (i.e. have a shoulder or other upper body injury).

Same goals as the previous 2 – stay tall; should have a straight line from your ears through your shoulders and hips. Try to stay “square” to straight ahead (e.g. don’t let your shoulders fall forward or back).

Typically performed for either 3 sets of 8-12 reps or 3 sets of 4-6 5s holds. This can be progressed by holding a weight plate against your chest or reaching hands overhead.

I would say this is harder than it looks, but I had a full body quiver going out of the gate…so it’s exactly as hard as it looks.

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