Lateral Core Training: Landmine Exercise

This is another lateral core variation. Similar to the TRX Lateral Lean, the goal is to stay tall and resist bending as the weight goes through the arc pattern. The shoulders should turn slightly toward the direction the bar is moving, but the hips should stay “square”, looking straight ahead.

Landmine Anti-Rotation Arc

Unlike the TRX lean, this only requires a barbell and can be done in almost every gym. If you don’t have the landmine attachment, you can wedge the other end of the bar into the corner of a rack or sit it in the hole of a weight plate.

Typically performed for 3 sets of 6-12 reps, progressed by adding range (arc from hip to hip instead of shoulder to shoulder) or adding load. This can also be done from a tall kneeling or ½ kneeling (1/2 arc) position to change the input from the lower half.

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