Key Qualities for Training Success

Every performance coach has a unique background in terms of their education and experience, and as a result, has different preferences for how they design and coach their programs. Over the years I’ve worked with athletes that have found success (in terms of physical development) coming from a lot of different programs.

The two key qualities that dictate whether a program will “work” for an athlete, or not, are CONSISTENCY and INTENT.

Athletes that skip training sessions won’t make progress and will experience more soreness/fatigue from each training session.

Athletes that JUST show up, but don’t do things correctly or put forth their best effort won’t make progress and may have an increased risk of injury.

You need both.

A “mediocre” program done consistently with maximal effort will outperform the “best” program done sporadically or haphazardly, every time.

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To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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