Integrated Mobility Work

Many movements in sports rely on diagonal myofascial “slings” that create a connection between one hip and the opposite shoulder.

Influencing mobility at individual joints is extremely important, but including “integrated” mobility work along these diagonal slings can address limitations that may not appear at the single-joint level.

This video is of a “1/2 Kneel Hip Flexor w/ Opposite Pec Mob” that taps into emphasizes the fascial connection through the front of the down-side hip, the obliques, and opposite pec.

A few notes:

✅ Set up by pushing the down side knee into the ground, rolling the tailbone under and shifting the hip forward to feel a deep stretch through the hip flexors.

✅ Grab the pole with the bottom hand palm down and the top hand palm up. Use the bottom hand to push the top back at ~45° angle above horizontal until you feel a big stretch through your pec.

✅ Each rep, attempt to push slightly further back to increase length/tension across the entire pathway. You can “take up slack” by sinking the hips further forward, and/or adding rotation through the t-spine.

Typically performed for 6-10 reps per side OR for 3-6 reps of alternating periods of 10s of holding a stretch, and 10s of pushing against the stretch (1-2mins of total tension).

Feel free to post any comments/questions below. If you found this helpful, please share/re-post it so others can benefit.

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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