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Integrated Core Training for Dynamic Stability

One of the key skating characteristics of elite hockey players is that they adopt a low skating position.
From an off-ice training perspective, hockey players should first demonstrate that they have the mobility and low position strength and endurance to get into and hold these types of positions.
Once this has been achieved, it can be helpful to integrate dynamic challenges to stability in these low positions.
One example of this concept is the Split Squat Med Ball Tight Rotation, a variation of an exercise I learned years ago from Nick Tumminello.

The goal is to maintain depth, forward lean, and side to side alignment (i.e. not letting the hips sway outside the base of support), while the ball changes positions.
This is an advanced core exercise that requires creating a stable base from the hips down, dissociation of hip and t-spine/shoulder movement, and reflexive core strength.  
Typically performed for either 8-12 reps or as many reps as possible in 6-8s, depending on the emphasis, and progressed by

  1. going through a wider arc (ball clearing shoulders on both sides),
  2. going faster,
  3. going heavier

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