Individualizing The Deadlift

Cressey appreciation week continues with another short video from Eric walking through some of the finer points of an extremely important exercise that he knows a thing or two about.

Eric Cressey Heavy Deadlift

Eric lifting…one hundred, MILLION, pounds.

Dr. Evil

Check out the video here >> Individualizing The Deadlift

While Eric may be the Michael Phelps of deadlifting, I saw some fairly ordinary looking people moving a lot of weight at his facility when I interned there years ago. In other words, he’s not just a genetic anomaly, he knows how to teach other people how to get strong too, which is the perfect segway into today’s video. The deadlift is one of the best strength training exercises out there for, and variations are incorporated into almost every program we write. That said, being able to perform the exercise with optimal technique is what leads you to setting personal records and not to prolonged back pain. So many people perform deadlifts improperly that it’s actually commonly thought of as an unsafe exercise. As with everything, safety needs to be put in context. Sprinting can be beneficial. Sprinting against traffic on a major highway, however, may be less desirable. Similarly, while I don’t think it’s common to deadlift in traffic, I don’t think most people have a great understanding of how to set up for, perform, and finish the deadlift, and how these things may need to be tweaked depending upon your unique structure.

This is a great video because it provides very practical information and some simple coaching cues that you can start applying immediately. Take a few minutes to check it out!

Check out the video here >> Individualizing The Deadlift

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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