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In-Season Rotational Core Training for Hockey Players

After spending last week showing examples of rotational core exercises and how to fit them into part of a progression, I thought it would be a logical time to mention a big change that should occur in-season for hockey players, baseball players, and golfers.

Remember that in all three of these sports, athletes are taking a lot of reps in a rotational pattern in ONE direction.  Assuming the athlete in all three sports is right handed, they’re likely to get a ton of repetitions in a rotational pattern to the left, just from their sport.

From a training standpoint, this is when it’s important to have an unbalanced training program to help maintain structural balance within the body.

It’s really not complicated. In any rotational core exercises, just do one set in the direction you shoot, and 3-4 sets in the opposite direction.

-Kevin Neeld

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