I Stole This!

The longer I study athletic development, the more I realize that I have a lot to learn. One of the best ways to learn a lot quickly is to talk to other professionals to get a different perspective. As soon as I moved down to Baltimore I emailed Nick Tumminello and asked if I could pick his brain a bit.
Nick is a brilliant guy that does a lot of work with figure competitors and MMA fighters. While that’s not exactly the population I work with, a lot of training concepts will be similar among athletes.

Nick showed me this exercise to work on core strength in a rotational deceleration pattern. This is strength that you’ll use every time you give a pass or take a shot. It’s extremely functional, extremely hard to do well, and extremely funny looking. The perfect formula for an awesome exercise.

[quicktime] http://www.kevinneeld.com/videos/Stick%20Hit%20Rotation%20(Jamie%20Carroll).mov [/quicktime]

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