is LIVE!

I’m very excited to announce my new hockey training membership site, is officially LIVE!

I really think this site will change hockey training forever.

I’ve added everything that I think a hockey player, coach, or strength and conditioning coach would want to know:

– Dozens of hockey training programs for hockey players of all ages

– Over 230 hockey training exercise videos (and growing daily!)

– An open forum for all members of the ice hockey community to discusses current trends, ask questions, and brainstorm about what we can collectively do to improve the development of our players

Articles on everything from preventing common hockey injuries, to nutritional strategies to help you prepare for games

In the future I’m planning on adding on-ice demonstrations on how to improve skating technique, shooting technique and power, and puckhandling ability.

If you’re a hockey player, coach or strength coach, this is the site you’ve been waiting for!

If you aren’t a member of the ice hockey community, please forward this post to anyone you know that is.

Click here to sign up now!

If you have any questions about the site, please email me today. I’m excited for you to be a part of this incredible hockey community.

P.S. If you sign-up today, you’ll also get THREE incredible bonuses. I’m only offering these bonuses to the fast action takers; they won’t last long!

Bonus # 1: Breakaway Hockey Speed

Breakaway Hockey Speed

Discover the secrets to the number one question most players ask: How do I get faster? This 25-page manual from Hockey Training Expert founder Kevin Neeld outlines how to change your body position to maximize the power of your stride and reveals the truth about short choppy strides vs long powerful strides (this will surprise you!). Breakaway Hockey Speed includes 6 Linear Speed Drills, 15 Transitional Speed Drills, and the information you need to integrate a comprehensive speed training program into your current training program.  This manual is exactly what you need to become faster and more explosive on the ice!

Bonus # 2: Hockey Nutrition 101

Hockey Nutrition 101-2

Proper nutrition is the most commonly recognized, but least practiced aspect of high level athletic performance. Kim McCullough’s Hockey Nutrition 101 is an INCREDIBLE resource for hockey players and coaches. Kim brilliantly discusses how proper eating and hydration can have a huge impact on your performance, recovery, and overall development. Kim gives you all the tools you need to figure out what you should be eating/drinking, how to make simple changes in your current diet, and how to track your intake so you can monitor your new high-performance diet!

Bonus # 3: Mental Performance Package

Mental Performance Package-2

What percentage of your performance is mental? If you’re like most players, you’ll say anywhere from 50-90%. But how much of your training time is dedicated toward improving your mental performance? If you’re like most players, you’ll say anywhere from 0-0%. Kim McCullough’s Mental Performance Package gives you step-by-step instructions on how to develop the focus and confidence of a champion!

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