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Last Tuesday I got a picture message from a friend of mine at the Flyer’s game. The Flyer’s were airing another one of the “Fit as a Flyer” video segments I filmed with their Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim McCrossin.

Coach McCrossin and I filmed 12 video segments of common exercises or exercise progressions that we use with our hockey players. This wasn’t the first time a friend sent me a picture. Check this one out from the first segment they ever played!

Philadephia Flyers Fit as a Flyer Hockey Training-1

You guessed it. That’s my big red ass sticking up in the air. Flattering, I know.

Needless to say, I was somewhat surprised when I got THIS picture on Tuesday:

Philadelphia Flyers Fit as a Flyer Hockey Training-2

The fans have spoken. Years of glute bridges and deadlifting has won over an entire city of hockey fans:

Philadelphia Flyers Fit as a Flyer Hockey Training 3

Yep. That’s the ONLY explanation.

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