Hockey Training Secret?

What’s the hockey training secret to success?  

I’ve written a lot about the proper way to train the core, how to create adequate mobility and muscular balance around the hip to prevent groin and hip flexor injuries, how high intensity interval training is the only way to go for hockey players, why single-leg training is more appropriate than double leg training for athletes, and how to incorporate all of these things into one cohesive program. 

The truth is that none of that matters.

You will NEVER be successful if you aren’t willing to push yourself.
You will NEVER be successful if you aren’t willing to outwork your competitors.
You will NEVER be successful if you look for a handout from someone else. 

The ultimate key to hockey training is simple:   

Possess an inner drive that will not accept failure, ever.  

Always ask yourself if you have more to give.  If the answer is yes, then give it.  There will always be excuses-lack of time, lack of energy, linemates aren’t good, goalie had a bad game, no one else was working hard.  I could go one for hours. I’ve heard them all.  

It’s easy to make excuses.

That’s why, at the end of the season, there’s only one champion.

Keep working hard.  Keep working smart.

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