Hockey Strength and Conditioning 2010 Finale

This is it…the final update for 2010. Things have been pretty slow for the last couple weeks as we all try to dial back the workload to relax and enjoy the holidays with our family. Hopefully you’ve had an opportunity to do the same.

Mike Boyle posted the first phase of a 4 day per week off-season training program without Olympic lifts. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I think looking at another coach’s program provides incredible insight into their training philosophies. This was especially interesting because Coach Boyle is a big proponent of Olympic lifts. Although, as any good coach does, he clearly recognizes that no lift is perfect for every athlete and that certain circumstances warrant making program adjustments. Check out his program at the link below:

Click Here >> 4-Day Summer Phase 1 without Olympic Lifts from Mike Boyle

There are also a few great forum discussions you should check out. Look for these three specifically:

  1. Coconut Water (interesting discussion on a potentially more effective and “natural” replacement for sports drinks)
  2. 1-Leg Squat (discussion on single leg training progressions)
  3. Female ‘Tendies (how to balance performance enhancement and injury prevention in goalies, with a special focus on female players)

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To your continued success,

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