Hip and Thoracic Mobility Exercise for Hockey Players

Last Thursday I hopped on a plane to Colorado Springs to present to and train 186 U-14 hockey players. I just got back last night so I’m going to keep today’s post short and sweet and share another video with you. On Wednesday, Independence Day here in the US, I’ll share a quick recap of my experience working at the USA camp. This is an exercise that Brijesh Patel, the Head S&C Coach at Quinnipiac University, showed me several years ago that I still really like. Brijesh is one of the brightest guys I know, and exudes all the positive qualities of a “Boyle Guy” that I wrote about a couple weeks ago. Check out the video below:

3-Way Split Squat Hold

This is a great exercise to help open up the hips and thoracic spine, two areas that are commonly restricted that can have a profound impact on all aspects of hockey performance. While performing this exercise, you should focus on staying up tall through your torso, squeezing your butt on your back leg, and breathing down into your pelvis the whole time. I did 15s holds in each position, but you can start with 10, and then progress up to 20.

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Kevin Neeld

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