Groin Soft Tissue Work for Hockey Players

As you know, the adductors “groin” present a lot of problems for hockey players. Some are tight; some are weak, some are injured. The more time players spend on the ice, the more of an issue this becomes.

One area that hockey players are frequently locked up is in the area of the posterior adductor magnus and medial hamstrings. Adhesions can form in this area and almost “glue” these muscles together.

Restrictions in this area can affect both hip and knee joint motion. More specifically, hockey players with restrictions in this area will have a difficult time achieving full hip flexion, which will affect their ability to do exercises like reverse lunges and back leg raised split squats correctly.

A great manual therapist can help alleviate this problem by re-creating separation and smooth movement of these muscles. With that said, we don’t all have a great manual therapist waiting to help our players address these problems. My colleague David Lasnier recently posted a great video on an adductor soft tissue technique that we use at Endeavor. Check out the video here: Soft Tissue Work For Groin Pain

To your continued success,

Kevin Neeld

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