Good News in Hockey

Last week I came across a few articles that I think fall into the “good for hockey” category. Check them out at the links below:

High school hockey player scores OT winner hours after father’s death from USA Today

I can’t imagine the emotional turmoil this kid was going through when he stepped on the ice for this game. It was great to see him bury the game winner, and all of the support he’s gotten from the hockey community at large. It really is a big family.

Here’s Johnny from the Players Tribune

I’ve enjoyed a lot of the Players Tribune articles and videos. This one is obviously of particular interest because of my work with John. This is a very well-articulated vantage point of what it takes to succeed as an under-sized or otherwise disadvantaged athlete. The key, I believe, to John’s success is that he took every “set back” as a challenge, which fueled him to work even harder to get better. This is highlighted by the quote:

“I was going to force people to ignore my size because of my production.” – Johnny Gaudreau

Gaudreau Hockey Training

Image from Mark Zaleski/AP at

Sometimes people tell you that you can’t accomplish something because they’ve never seen it before. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

John Scott Named MVP from ESPN

Not a lot that needs to be said here. This is a great outcome to what started as very bad PR for the league.

Daniel Sedin gives $125,000 to Canucks trainers from Van City Buzz

This is a quick read, but a great display of character from Daniel Sedin. The support staff as a whole arrives before and leaves after the players. The job requires exceptionally long selfless hours, and despite what you may think, many are severely underpaid. Great gesture here.

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