Genetic Roulette: The Truth About GMOs

Periodically, the importance of nutrition in maximizing health and performance arises as a topic here. Naturally, it’s impossible to perform and/or recover optimally without providing your body with the proper fuel. Likewise, diet plays a huge role in enzyme products, pH level, bone health, hormone levels and more. While I think most people (or at least most people reading this) are familiar with the basics of dietary choices (more vegetables better than none, eating grilled meats over friend meats, etc.), I’m not as confident people are familiar with the changes in food quality that have occurred over the last 20 years, and the impact these changes have had on the many disease processes we see rising so rapidly in the same time frame. At the end of last week, I came across a documentary that I think you’ll find interesting. It’s certainly a one-sided view on the issue, but it’s a view that I don’t think most people have heard and likely aren’t aware of or don’t fully understand. Take the time to watch this before you make your next grocery trip!

Genetic Roulette

Disclose.tvGenetic Roulette (2012) [Full Documentary]
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