Functional Strength Coach 5: An Inside Look

A few days ago, I mentioned that Mike Boyle released his new Functional Strength Coach 5 DVD set. As part of the launch, Coach was kind enough to share his insight into the future of strength and conditioning in a quick interview. If you missed it, you can check it out here: The Future of Strength and Conditioning

I just found out that he’s throwing in a copy of his newest book “Functional Strength Reader” to anyone that buys this week, so if you’re interested in learning from one of the must accomplished strength and conditioning coaches in the industry, now’s your chance to grab a great resource and get a nice bonus along with it!

Functional Strength Coach 5

Grab your copy today here >> Functional Strength Coach 5

As I mentioned on Monday, I watched FSC5 from start to finish, as I do with every one of the products I recommend. The thing that stood out to me most about this set compared to his previous DVDs is the wisdom he shares about coaching, designing programs, and running a business in the private sector.

To be completely honest, I don’t always agree with everything Coach Boyle says. You may not either. But anytime I may not agree, I remember that he’s been in the field for longer than I’ve been alive. In other words, it’s probably not “what do I know that he doesn’t” as much as “what does he know that I don’t”.

One of the major selling points about Coach Boyle’s information is that it comes from “in the trenches” experience. In an era ruled by internet experts that don’t actually train anyone, you can always count on Coach to provide information based on his real-life experience. Over his 30 years in the field, he’s not only been a lifelong learner, he’s also worked with high levels athletes in almost every major sport, including winning two national championships with Boston University’s Men’s Ice Hockey Team, working with the Boston Bruins, training the US Women’s Olympic Team to a Gold Medal in ’98 and a Silver in ’14, and winning a World Series with the Boston Red Sox. All of this is in addition to his gym, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, being voted the #1 Gym in America by Men’s Health. Not a bad resume!

In Functional Strength Coach 5, you’ll get:

  1. An inside look into the MBSC system
  2. The problem with the industry’s current infatuation with high intensity exercise and corrective exercise
  3. The key to running a successful private sector business
  4. The most important variable of periodization
  5. The 4 keys to a successful training program
  6. Regressions and progressions for the 4 fundamental exercise categories
  7. How PRI and breathing work has changed the way his athletes/clients warm-up
  8. More evidence of the bilateral deficit and how it’s changed his exercise selection
  9. The 5 keys to being a great coach!


There was a lot of great content in these DVDs. The part I enjoyed the most was the end where Coach Boyle and Bob Hanson talk about the evolution of MBSC and give a real “behind the scenes” look at how their company has grown. As a coach working in the private sector, I think it’s easy to look at the size of and clientele at Coach’s facility and lose sight of the fact that it took several years to build up to that point. It’s great to hear about how MBSC started and how hard he worked and the compromises he’s been willing to make to run a successful business. To me, Functional Strength Coach 5 is not just a great training resource, it’s a great business one as well.


Functional Strength Coach 5

Grab your copy today here >> Functional Strength Coach 5

…and don’t forget, if you order this week, you also get a free copy of Coach Boyle’s newest book!

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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