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Fat Loss Training…The End!

This was the last week of my 6-week fat loss experiment.  My training won’t significantly change, but my diet will.  More on this in the days to come.  Training results for the last week are posted below.  

Valentine’s Day Words of Wisdom

George Costanza once said, “If you can’t say anything bad about a relationship, you shouldn’t say anything at all.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you in relationships.

For the rest of you, nothing says “People in happy relationships make me sick” like heavy deadlifting.

Feb 8, 2009: Weigh-In 168.5 (Water Loading Begins!)
A1) Back Squat: 135 x 5; 225 x 3; 315 x 4; 335 x 2 sets of 4; 335 x 3; 315 x 4
A2) Bird Dog Hold: 3 x 15s each
B1) Stiff-Legged Deadlift: 225 x 4; 295 x 4 sets of 6
B2) Front Plank March: 4 x 20s
C1) 1-Leg Squat:3s Negative: 3 x 6 each 
C2) Glute Ham Raise: 3 x 12
CON) Overhead Side-Side MB Floor Slams 10lb Ball, 8 x 6 slams each side (12 total per set); 30s rest between each set

Feb 10, 2009: Weigh-In: 167
A1) Standing Shoulder Press: 95 x 4; 135 x 6 sets of 3
A2) Scap Wall Slides (Back to Wall): 4 x 8
B1) Weighted Chin-Up: BW x 5; BW+45 x 3; BW+55 x 3; BW+65 x 3 BW+55 x  2 sets of 3
B2) DB Triceps Extension Ecc-to-Close Grip Con: 2 x 45DB x 5 sets of 6
C1) 1/2 Kneeling Chop: To Right Only; 50 lbs x 3 x 8
C2) Face Pull w/ External Rotation: 110 x 3 x 12

Feb 12, 2009
A1) Front Squat: 135 x 5; 225 x 3; 185 x 3 sets of 8
A2) Side Plank w/ Abduction Hold: 3 x 15s each
B1) DB Back Leg Raised Split Squat: 2 x 70DB; 4 x 4
B2) 1-Arm DB 1-Leg SLDL: 1 x 40 DB; 4 x 6 each
B3) Bar Rollout: 4 x 10
B4) Stability Ball Hamstring Curl: 4 x 12

Feb 13, 2009: 7am Lift!
A1) Bench Press: 135 x 6; 225 x 2 sets of 6; 225 x 5; 205 x 6
A2) I, Y, T Holds: 1 x 30s each
B1) 1-Arm DB Row: 85 DB; 3 x 8 each
B2) Standing Cable Chop: To Right Only; 50 lbs x 3 x 10
B3) 1-Arm DB Push Press: 50 DB; 3 x 8 each
B4) DB Hang Clean-to-Curl Eccentric: 2 x 45DB; 3 x 6
B5) Bird Dog: 3 x 10 each
CON) 10 x 10 Medicine Ball Overhead Floor Slams; 8lb Med Ball; 30s rest between sets

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