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Fat Loss Program: Week 5 Results

5 weeks of relatively severe calorie restriction and intense training…

On Thursday I was down almost 20 pounds from when I started.  Lucky for me, it was time for my second schedule refeed day, which I celebrated with, among other things, a Trader Joe’s Pizza for breakfast and a hefty dinner at P.F. Chang’s with my girlfriend Emily.  The two of us took down what looked like a 2 pound piece of chocolate cake, a la mode of course, in about 3 minutes.  I guess you could say we’re growing kids.  Replenishing all my carb stores and with the accompanying water, I put on 10 pounds that day!  I’ve been riding the extra energy wave ever since.  It feels great!  

I’m ending this twisted experiment after this week.  That’ll be 6 weeks since I started.  At the end of this week, I’ll stick with a similar diet, tons of high quality protein and fat and essentially NO carbohydrates from sources other than fruits and vegetables, but I’ll be upping my caloric intake considerably.  I’m also starting to add in some regular conditioning, which should help maintain the fat loss I’ve experienced in the last few weeks despite eating more.  I have to go get ready for a hockey game.  This week’s training program below for those of you that are interested.  Enjoy your weekend.     

Feb 2, 2009
A1) Back Squat: 3s Negative: 135 x 5; 225 x 3: 315 x 2: 335 x 2: 345 x 4 sets of 2
A2) Bird Dog Hold: 3 x 15s each
B1) Stiff-Legged Deadlift: 225 x 4; 315 x 4; 325 x 4; 335 x 4; 345 x 4
B2) Front Plank March: 4 x 20s
C1) 1-Leg Squat:3s Negative: 3 x 5 each
C2) Glute Ham Raise: 3 x 10

Feb 3, 2009: 165 lbs weigh-in
A1) Standing Shoulder Press: 45 x 4; 95 x 4; 135 x 4; 135 x 4; 125 x 4; 125 x 4
A2) Scap Wall Slides (Back to Wall): 3 x 8
B1) Weighted Chin-Up: BW x 5; BW+35 x 3 sets of 6; BW+35 x 5.5
B2) DB Triceps Extension Ecc-to-Close Grip Con: 2 x 45 DB 4 x 8
C1) 1/2 Kneeling Chop: 1 set to Left; 3 sets to Right 50 lbs  x 8 reps
C2) Face Pull w/ External Rotation: 100 lbs x 3 x 10

Feb 4, 2009: 163 lbs weigh-in
A1) Front Squat: 135 x 5; 185 x 3; 225 x 3; 245 x 3; 265 x 3
A2) Side Plank w/ Abduction Hold: 3 x 15s each
B1) DB Back Leg Raised Split Squat: 2 x 65 DB x 1 x 6each 2 x 70 DB x 2 x 6each
B2) 1-Arm DB 1-Leg SLDL: 1 x 40 DB x 3 x 6 each
B3) Bar Rollout: 3 x 10
B4) Stability Ball Hamstring Curl: 3 x 12
CON 1 x 25min Med-High Intensity Bike Ride 7.75 miles, 215 calories, HR about 170

Feb 5, 2009: 163 lbs weigh-in…173 lbs weigh-out Best Refeed Day Ever!
CON Interval Bike Ride: 8 x :20/:40

Feb 6, 2009: 170.5 lbs weigh-in
A1) Bench Press: Medium Grip 135 x 5; 225 x 3; 245 x 1; 215 x 8; 215 x 7.5+Help; 205 x 6+2Help
A2) I, Y, T Holds: 1 x 30s each
B1) 1-Arm DB Row: 1 x 90 DB x 3 x 6 each
B2) Standing Cable Chop: To Right Only 50 lbs x 3 x 8
B3) 1-Arm DB Push Press: 1 x 50 DB x 2 x 6 each; 1 x 55 DB x 1 x 6 each
B4) DB Hang Clean-to-Curl Eccentric: 2 x 40 DB x 3 x 6
B5) Bird Dog: 3 x 8 each
CON 10 x 10 Medicine Ball Overhead Floor Slams 30s rest between sets

Feb 7, 2009: 169.5 lbs weigh-in
CON KB Swings: 16kg x 20; 20kg x 20; 20kg x 4 x 15 16kg x 4 x 15 30s rest between sets

-Kevin Neeld

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