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Fat Loss Program-Week 4 Results

This week was…different.  Gym was closed on Monday and Wednesday so I went 4 straight days (Tuesday-Friday) instead of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  Wednesday I did 100 rep chin-up and 100 rep push-up tests in the shortest time possible.  That was probably the worst feeling ever-Everyone should do it once…no one should do it twice.  

An older guy in the gym approached me last week and said something about doing a bench press rep test at my body weight.  Apparently they were collecting data on it.  I didn’t do it for him that day because I had only gotten 5 hours of sleep the night before and didn’t want to throw off his data, but I was curious this week (although I probably felt worse), so I gave it a shot.  I weigh just under 170 at this point, so I did 170 as many times as possible.  Not my specialty.  

And against all my stubbornness, I decided it was time to start doing some form of consistent conditioning.  Since I was on the road with my hockey team, I decided to hit the bike in the hotel Saturday night and this morning.  I understand now why people quit exercise programs so early (at least those that involve conditioning).  Energy systems work isn’t so bad after a few weeks, but getting started from scratch blows.  Luckily I’ve been doing some circuit training on both my lower and upper body days.  Otherwise I might still be on the floor next to the bike at the Holiday Inn in Kingston, Rhode Island.  I gotta get back to the Super Bowl.  Training program below.  

Jan 27, 2009
A1) Back Squat: 3s Negative: 135 x 5; 225 x 3; 315 x 2; 335 x 2; 345 x 3 sets of 2
A2) Bird Dog Hold: 3 x 15s each
B1) Stiff-Legged Deadlift: 225 x 4; 315 x 4; 325 x 4; 335 x 4; 345 x 4
B2) Front Plank March: 4 x 20s
C1) 1-Leg Squat:3s Negative: 3 x 6 each 
C2) Glute Ham Raise: 3 x 10

Jan 28, 2009
A1) Chin-Up 100 rep Marathon: 18 mins 20 secs
B1) Push-Up 100 rep Marathon: 6 mins 13 secs
C1) Side Plank: 1 x 60s each; 2 x (2 x 30s) each

Jan 29, 2009
A1) Front Squat: 135 x 5; 185 x 3; 205 x 3; 225 x 3; 245 x 3; 255 x 3
A2) Side Plank w/ Abduction Hold: 3 x 15s each
B1) DB Back Leg Raised Split Squat: 2 x 65 DB 3 x 6 each
B2) 1-Arm DB 1-Leg SLDL: 40 DB 3 x 6 each
B3) Bar Rollout: 3 x 10
B4) Stability Ball Hamstring Curl: 3 x 12

Jan 30, 2009
A1) Bench Press: 135 x 5; 170 x 21; 205 x 7 + Help; 205 x 5
A2) I, Y, T Holds: 1 x 30s each
B1) 1-Arm DB Row: 85 DB x 6 each; 90 DB 2 x 6 each
B2) Standing Cable Chop Left to Right Only: 50 lbs 3 x 8
B3) 1-Arm DB Push Press: 50 DB 3 x 6 each
B4) DB Hang Clean-to-Curl Eccentric: 2 x 40 DB 3 x 6
B5) Bird Dog: 3 x 8 each

Jan 31, 2009 30 Min Low-Medium Intensity Bike RIde
Feb 1, 2009 30 Min Medium Intensity Bike Ride 

-Kevin Neeld

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