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Fat Loss Program-End of Week 3

What a week!  My schedule was a little more sporadic so my structured program got broken up a bit, but I still got everything in.  I moved my “refeed day” from Monday to Thursday.  It felt like my birthday.  Pizza, ice cream, huge steak dinner.  Despite breaking my scale at home (it still insists that I’m above 330 lbs…), I was able to get an accurate weigh in pre- and post-refeed day.  I weighed in at 166.5 before, which is down 14 pounds in just under three weeks WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONING.  Not to dwell on that point, but if you’re like me and hate “aerobic” training, there’s still hope for you if you want to lose fat/weight.  Moving on…The next morning I weighed in at 171.5.  I expected to put on around 5 pounds since I loaded up on carbs.  I imagine that weight will quickly disappear again.  Sticking with the restricted calorie diet hasn’t been too bad, surprisingly.  It’s just been a transition from 5-egg omelets to 2-egg omelets and 3/4 lbs of ground turkey to 1/4 pound of ground turkey per meal. Same delicious foods, just in smaller amounts.

My training has definitely taken a hit though.  It’s hard to bring a high energy into the gym when you haven’t given your body the fuel to do so.  Nonetheless, I’ve been able to push through.  I’ll stop rambling.  Training program below…

Jan 18, 2009 169.5 Mid-Day Weigh-In

Jan 19, 2009
A1) Hang Clean: 135 x 5;  175 x 4 sets of 2
A2) DB Row: 70DB x 3; 95DB x 4 sets of 2
B1) Deadlift: 225 x 5; 315 x 10 sets of 3
B2) 1-Leg Glute Bridge Hold: 4 x 20s each
C1) BLR SS Iso-Hold: 2 x 40 DB 4 x 30s each
C2) SB Hamstring Curl: 4 x 12

Jan 20, 2009
A1) Bench Press: 135 x 8; 185 x 5; 225 x 3; 245 x 4 sets of  3
A2) Scap Wall Slides (Facing Wall): 4 x 10
B1) Chin-Up: BW x 5; BW+55 x 4; BW+60 x 4; BW+55 x 4; BW+55 x 3.5+Help
B2) Incline DB Triceps Extension-to-Close Grip Press: 2 x 45DB 2 x 8; 2 x 40DB 2 x 8
15 min low-intensity bike ride

Jan 21, 2009
A1) Standing Pallof Iso-Hold from High Pulley w/ Rope: 50lbs 3 x 30s each
A2) Face Pull w/ External Rotation: 110 x 8; 120 x 8; 130 x 8
B1) Hang Clean: 135 x 10 sets of 2; 165 x 1; 175 x 1
C1) Overhead Barbell Hold: 135 x 10s; 185 x 10s; 205 x 10s; 225 x 2 x 10s; 185 x 10s

Jan 22, 2009  Mid-Day Weigh-In: 166.5 lbs
Indoor Rock Climbing!

Jan 23, 2009 Early Morning Weigh-In: 171.5lbs
A1) Back Squat: 135 x 8; 225 x 4; 275 x 2; 315 x 2; 345 x 2
A2) Front Plank: 3 x 60s
B1) DB Reverse Lunge: Alternating 2 x 60DB 3 x 10 each
B2) DB Swing: 1 x 20DB 3 x 12
B3) SB Hamstring Curl: 3 x 15s each
B4) 1-Leg Squat: 3 x 10 each

Jan 24, 2009
A1) Push-Press: 115 x 4; 135 x 4; 145 x 2; 155 x 2; 165 x 2; 135 x 4
A2) Blackburn Hold (I, Y, T): 1 x 30s each
B1) 1-Arm DB Row: 75lb DB, 4 x 8 each
B2) Standing Cable Chop: 50lbs 4 x 8 each
B3) DB Hang Clean-to-Curl Eccentric: 2 x 35DB 4 x 8
B4) Stability Ball Push-Up: 4 x 10
B5) Bird Dog: 4 x 6 each

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