Exposing Myself Online…

I want to wish you all a late Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted anything. Truth is, I was burnt out.  After 12 months of training clients/athletes, coaching hockey, writing articles, doing research, taking graduate classes, consulting, etc., I needed a break.

But I’m back now and as refreshed as ever!  Spending a couple weeks with my family, old friends from high school and college, and girlfriend was exactly what I needed.

Maybe you can relate to this.

I put on a few pounds over the holidays.

Actually, a few is a few less than an understatement by a few.  Exactly.

I actually planned on gaining weight because I wanted to train at a heavier weight for a bit.  After 6 weeks of that, I’m ready to lean out a bit.  Now I’m the first one to make fun of the so-called “experts” that post pictures of themselves with their shirts off and use that as a marketing strategy.  There are plenty of people with great bodies, many of which have no clue what they’re talking about. 

So I hesitated to even do this…but I’m going to expose myself, for the purposes of accountability.  It’s easy to let inconveniences get in the way of a diet, so telling you all my plans to get lean will help hold me accountable.  Posted below are pictures I took on Saturday (1/3/09).  I’ll post updated pictures as time goes on so you can see if my strict diet and intense training is paying off.

Front View

1/6/09-Front 2

Side View

1/6/09-Side 2

Back View

1/6/09-Back 2

For those of you that are posture-savvy, don’t look too far into my hip/shoulder positions here.  There’s a considerable hump in the floor of my apartment…

I’ll also be posting the training program I’m following so you can see exactly what I’ve done in the gym.  

I’m looking forward to the challenge.  It keeps me from losing touch with my athletes and clients.  After all, how could I ask something of you if I’ve never done it myself?

Until next time… 


-Kevin Neeld

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