Embrace the Monotony

The athletes that SUSTAIN success commit themselves to doing the little things right, consistently.
They warm-up with intent before practice. They train regularly in-season. They hydrate, eat, and sleep with purpose, with a performance mindset.
Often times, these acts are monotonous. They’re repeated on a daily basis for months in a row.

The best athletes do them anyway. They commit to the process. They EMBRACE the monotony because it lays the foundation for consistent, long-term success.
And that means more to them than the perceived loss of the small sacrifices along the way.
These are all simple decisions, completely within the athlete’s control.
Make the right choices. Embrace the monotony. Succeed.

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

P.S. One of the areas where “embracing the monotony” is especially crucial is nutrition. Fueling for health, performance, and recovery requires making good choices, consistently. If you’re interested in highly effective sports nutrition strategies, check out this manual from renowned nutritionist Brian St. Pierre: Ultimate Hockey Nutrition

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