Elite Level Ice Hockey Training Program

I have a gift for those of you that have invested in Hockey Training U’s Off-Ice Performance Training Course.  Details below…

I just started a new job as the Director of Athletic Development at Endeavor Fitness in Sewell, NJ.  The facility is awesome.  Check out the pictures on their site www.EndeavorFit.com.  If you live anywhere near the Philadelphia/Northern Delaware/New Jersey area, let me know and I can show you around the place.

We have a great group of hockey guys (Pro, NHL draft picks, D1 college and D1 prep school) that just started their summer training.   I wish there was a place like this around while I was playing.  I can confidently say that we’ll have the premier training facility for hockey and lacrosse players in the New Jersey, Eastern PA, and Delaware area.

I’m in the process of filling up my training groups for the summer.  If you’re in the area and are looking for a place to train (regardless of whether you’re a hockey/lacrosse player, athlete from another sport, or general fitness enthusiast), feel free to shoot me an email and we can talk about setting up a situation that best helps you reach your goals.

One of my first tasks here at Endeavor was to write a 4 day/week comprehensive training program for my pro hockey guys.  The program includes exercises and drills designed to improve hockey specific speed, power, strength, and work capacity.  If you invested in Hockey Training U’s Off-Ice Performance Training Course send me an email introducing yourself and I’ll email you a copy of this program, so you can see how I design my programs differently (or not) when lifting is involved.  If you haven’t grabbed your copy of the Off-Ice Performance Course yet, go to hockeytrainingu.com and grab one now!  It’s the off-season; this is when dedicated players make the most progress.

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