Dynamic Warm-Ups, Nick Tumminello Style

On Friday I posted a revolutionary training tip from Nick Tumminello (a personal trainer in Baltimore) that has completely changed the way I write my dynamic warm-ups.

In short, now I pair mobility and stability/activation exercises for each joint within the warm-up, instead of doing all mobility work first and all activation work second.

To give you an example of how this has changed my warm-ups, take a look at an old and new dynamic warm-up:

Old Dynamic Warm-Up:

  1. 3-Way Ankle Mobility (Toes on Wall): (3×5)/side
  2. Rectus Femoris Mobilization: 8/side
  3. Quadruped Rocking: 8
  4. 1/2 Kneeling 2-Way Thoracic Mobility: (2×5)/side
  5. Wall March Glute Activation: 15s/side
  6. Lateral Squat: 6/side
  7. Reverse lunge: 6/side
  8. Overhead Squat: 8
  9. Side Shuffle: 10 yards/side
  10. Long Stride Carioca: 15 yards/side
  11. Butt Kickers: 15 yards
  12. Back Pedal: 15 yards
  13. Penguin Walk (Heel walk): 25 yards

New Warm-Up (after making the change that Nick Tumminello clued me in on):

  1. 3-Way Ankle Mobility (Toes on Wall): (3×5)/side
  2. Penguin Walk: 25 yards
  3. Rectus Femoris Mobilization: 8/side
  4. Reverse Lunge: 8/side
  5. 2-Way Hamstring Mobilization: (2×5)/side
  6. Yoga Push-Up: 8
  7. Inverted Reach: 8/side
  8. Prone 2-Way Hip Rock: (2×8)/side
  9. Lateral Lunge -> Reverse Crossover Lunge: (2×6)/side
  10. Scap Wall Slide: 10
  11. Side Shuffle: 15 yards/side
  12. Butt Kickers: 15 yards
  13. Back Pedal: 15 yards
  14. 3/4 Speed Jog: 2 x 25 yards

See how easy that is? It’s a simple change that you can make to improve the effectiveness of your warm-ups.

Train hard. Train smart.

-Kevin Neeld

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