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Diagnosing Limiting Factors to Speed Development

Last week, my friend Tony Gentilcore published an article I wrote on the importance of identifying the limiting factors to speed development in ice hockey players.

Click here to read: Diagnosing Limiting Factors to Speed Development

The article discusses the 4 major physical qualities that influence speed development, and also shares several of the exact tests I’ve used in the past to help identify whether a player needs to emphasize a specific quality in their training.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I think one of the biggest mistakes made in sport preparation is overlooking individual needs.

Simply, individuals respond to the same training stimulus differently.

As a result, having a diagnostic system to identify areas of particular need, and monitor the effectiveness of any training program is essential. This article outlines several strategies that apply directly to speed training for hockey.

Click here to read: Diagnosing Limiting Factors to Speed Development

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