Determinants of Hockey Success

Developing skill and following a quality athletic development program are absolutely paramount in any hockey player having a successful career. However, these things really come second to two fundamental qualities that establish whether any athlete will be successful, in sports and in life.

These two qualities are integrity and desire.

People that lack integrity are invariably exposed for being selfish at heart. Integrity is a character trait that all successful leaders have, and encompasses a wide variety of other admirable traits like honesty and trustworthiness. With that said, everyone faces adversity from time to time. Whether it’s getting cut from a team you wanted to make, or being down in a big game entering the third period, every player has to navigate obstacles that stand in the way of what they want. A burning desire is often what pushes players to good players to perform great, and what, when collectively shared, gives teams the fuel to win championships and create lasting memories.

I could go on about these things forever, but I thought it’d be easier (and more entertaining) if I let my good friend Al Pacino define these for you. Check out the videos below.

*Al can sometimes use language that may be considered in appropriate for children. Watch videos at your own risk.



-Kevin Neeld

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