Return of the Squat Video from Mike Boyle?

In a way, Mike Boyle has become the Howard Stern of Strength and Conditioning. Whether people love him or hate him, people listen when he speaks.

Okay. Maybe there are some slight differences.

And for good reason. He’s been one of the leaders in the fitness industry for the last 30 years!

What really sets Boyle apart from the thousands of other so-called experts is that he:

  1. Is always learning and implementing new techniques with his athletes.
  2. Consistently gets fantastic results with his athletes and clients.

Boyle threw the industry for a loop last year when he gave a presentation stating that athletes should not squat. In fact, the “hate” response to that concept has been startling. I even take some flack for supporting Boyle’s single-leg arguments. As I mentioned previously, I think most of this comes from a lack of understanding more than true distaste.

It has been almost a year since that video hit the mainstream. Now Mike is back, in a special video, to talk about what he’s changed since then and how he’s starting to use some squat variations with his athletes.

In this video, Coach Boyle discusses:

1. The importance of teaching the squat pattern
2. Why athletes should be front squatting if they Olympic lift
3. Why you will see athletes squatting at Mike Boyle Strength and

You can check out the video for FREE here:

>> Death of the Squat Revisited! <<

You may not be aware of this, but Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning was recently voted the #1 Gym in America by Men’s Health. His results speak for themselves. If you do consider yourself a serious athlete, lifter, strength coach, or trainer, you owe it to yourself to hear what he has to say on one of the most controversial subjects in the industry.

There will be one more video coming later in the week on how and why Mike has completely restructured how he programs conditioning at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning.

Step 1: Check out this video now!
Step 2: Keep your eyes open for the next one.

>> Death of the Squat Revisited! <<

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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