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Core Exercise to Improve Hockey Shooting

The other day I posted a video of a Falling Side Lunge Sprint Start, which was the end of my lateral sprint start progression. The video below is one of the final stages of our horizontal power progression. This progression is designed to help hockey players use their hips to create and control rotational power.

I learned this exercise from Mike Potenza in a series of videos he posted at As a quick plug, if you still haven’t checked out the site, you need to. The quality of information continues to grow (and will); I’ve personally learned a great deal from people like Mike Potenza, Mike Boyle, Sean Skahan, Cal Dietz, Matt Nichol, Maria Mountain, and Devan McConnell and I know you will too.

Check out the Side Standing Med Ball Scoop with Partner Toss video:

As the bearded hockey player learns to catch, recoil, and accelerate the ball forward, you can throw the ball a little harder to increase the decelrative stress. Ideally, the player should keep their arms straigtht and the ball should br thrown toward their back hip in the same line that they’ll need to coil back in. In otherwords, don’t throw it at them; throw it almost in a parallel line to their orientation. Make sure the player is rotating their hips fully around on each throw.

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