Commitment Continuum

Stumbled upon this picture the other day of the “Commitment Continuum.” This was something Dr. Colleen Hacker shared with USA Hockey’s Women’s National Team, and serves as a powerful tool for all team sport athletes to self-evaluate their own commitment.

The off-season is a time when players in all sports can completely re-invent themselves through training. Taking a few months to dial back the volume of sport work and increase the attention on improving raw physical capacities (speed, power, strength, conditioning, movement efficiency, etc.) can change the course of an athlete’s career.

There is a small segment of athletes that will OBSESS over training. Some will COMMIT fully. Many more will just show up and do the work; they’ll comply. The rest, frankly, will get left behind.

Where do you fall on this continuum?

Being fully committed means different things at different ages, but if you’re >13 years old and have aspirations of fulfilling your athletic potential, you should be following a structured training program, at least 2-3 days/week in the off-season; 4-5 days/week if you’re competing at U-18 levels or above.

If you’re a hockey player and need help with programming, check out the link below.

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