Best of 2013: Exercise Videos

Tuesday kicked off the “Best of 2013” series with the top hockey training, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitation articles of 2013. If you missed that post, you can check it out here: Best of 2013: Articles

Today we’ll follow up with the top exercise videos or video-based articles from 2013. If there were other videos you enjoyed from the past year, please feel free to them in the comments section below!

Top Videos of 2013
These are the Top 5 exercise videos or video-based articles from the past year.

  1. Hip and Thoracic Mobilization
  2. Teaching Proper Push-Up Form
  3. The Best Core Exercise Ever
  4. A 3-Step Approach to Improving Stride Length
  5. Developing Explosive Power (Most Popular!)

Unloaded Explosive Push-Up

Notable Videos from Previous Years
The first video here was an extremely popular video displaying a series of basic mobility exercises and dynamic movements strung together to form a fairly comprehensive recovery circuit. This is a great option for in-season training sessions the day after a tough/long weekend, and if nothing else, will give you some ideas on new exercises to mix into your programs.

The second video is an old presentation Mike Boyle gave at a USA Hockey American Development Model conference. This is a MUST-WATCH video for all hockey players, parents, coaches, and supporting staff. Even though this video is a few years old at this point, it’s as relevant now as ever.

  1. Mobility Circuit for Hockey Players
  2. Developing Elite Hockey Players from Michael Boyle

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