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Best of 2013: Articles

With the new year upon us, I thought it would be a great time to highlight some of the top content from this past year. These are the articles, videos, and resources that have garnered the most views and interest in 2013. Enjoy and please feel free to post any additional articles you really enjoyed in the comments section below!

Top Articles of 2013
These are the Top 10 most popular posts from 2013.

  1. Breakaway Hockey Speed Q&A
  2. Post-Activation Potentiation
  3. Youth Hockey Training: The Truth About Resistance Training
  4. 5 Ways Breathing Affects Sport Performance
  5. Selecting the Right Slideboard for Hockey Training
  6. 3 Powerful Recovery Strategies for Athletes
  7. Understanding the Bilateral Deficit
  8. 5 In-Season Hockey Training Considerations
  9. Groundbreaking Research on Hockey Hip Injuries
  10. Off-Season Hockey Training Programs (Most Popular!)

Jen Poulin Deadlifting

Notable Guest Posts/Articles
These are two articles that were extremely well-received, but not ones that I wrote personally.

  1. The Path to the NHL from Jason Gregor
  2. Dispelling the Stretching Myths from Andreo Spina

Functional Anatomy Seminars

Notable Post from Previous Years
This article, despite being two years old, continues to be the most popular one on my site. More articles on how specific pain/discomfort in individual lifts can be troubleshooted by modifying technique are on the docket for 2014.

  1. Shoulder Pain with Pressing Exercises

Terrible Push-Up

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Kevin has rapidly established himself as a leader in the field of physical preparation and sports science for ice hockey. He is currently the Head Performance Coach for the Boston Bruins, where he oversees all aspects of designing and implementing the team’s performance training program, as well as monitoring the players’ performance, workload and recovery. Prior to Boston, Kevin spent 2 years as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the San Jose Sharks after serving as the Director of Performance at Endeavor Sports Performance in Pitman, NJ. He also spent 5 years as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with USA Hockey’s Women’s Olympic Hockey Team, and has been an invited speaker at conferences hosted by the NHL, NSCA, and USA Hockey.