Assess and Correct Review

Last week I received my copy of Assess and Correct in the mail, the new DVD set from three of the brightest and most well-respected guys in our industry: Mike Robertson, Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson.

I’ve been fortunate to learn a ton from all of these guys; I own all of their products and rewatch/reread them on a regular basis, so I was psyched that all three of them teamed up for this project.

Assess and Correct really exceeded my expectations.

The first DVD walks you through a series of simple assessments to identify your personal weaknesses and imbalances that may be inhibiting your performance.

The major benefit of this assessment DVD is that they are all self-assessments, which means you don’t need anyone else to run you through them.

Being able to run yourself through a series of assessments to identify performance limitations is an invaluable tool.

Best part?

The entire series of assessments takes less than 10 minutes!

The second DVD is PACKED with corrective exercises to improve your limitations and really help you unleash a whole new level of performance.

This is truly an invaluable resource.

If I told you that I could teach you how to identify your MAJOR performance limitations in less than 10 minutes, would you be interested?

Of course, you aren’t stupid.

If I told you I could then teach you all the exercises to fix your limitations and drastically improve your performance, would you be interested?

Any serious athlete would be. Any serious coach (sport or strength and conditioning) would be interested in learning this for their athletes.

Whether to pick up Assess and Correct is really a no brainer.

The only people I would say definitely should NOT get it are the people that have no interest in learning from the most intelligent, most successful Therapists and Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the business.

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