Are You Doing Too Much Interval Training?

Interval training has been a hot topic for the last several years, especially as the infamous “Tabata” protocol has reached the masses. The reality is that, just like every other piece of the training process, your conditioning should be specific to your needs. As a general statement, we’ve probably gone too far in the direction of “just do high intensity intervals”, overlooking the other methods that are more effective in certain situations.

Train Insane

“I don’t want to train insane. I want to train smart.” – Joel Jamieson

In this FINAL video, Mike asks Eric Oetter to dissect all the basics of conditioning. As always, it’s not just about working hard, it’s about working smart. Eric will show you how in this video, which includes:

  1. The lies you’ve been told about long, slow duration exercise – and why it’s actually very beneficial.
  2. Why high-intensity energy system training should only be done at certain times of the year.
  3. How smart energy system training can improve your sleep, help you relax, and feel more awesome each and every day.

If you watched the previous two videos in this series, you’ve picked up some amazing information on how to develop mobility, strength, and power. This may be the best of them all. In any game, and maybe more importantly, in any season, the athletes and teams that are able to perform at a high level consistently are the ones that are the most successful. A strategic plan to conditioning is the key to consistent high-level performance. Check out the video at the link below; you’ll be happy you did!

Watch the video now >>> Are You Doing Too Much Interval Training?

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