A Valuable Coaching Lesson Part 2

The other day I mentioned that coaches should lead by example.  I wrote a short paragraph about what this means in my Off-Ice Performance Training Course that I wanted to share with you:

“A word of advice for coaches: It would be best to not prescribe any exercise that you can’t do yourself.  Ideally, you should be in great shape.  Athletic coaches should live what they preach and look the part.  However, if you work in a profession that demands 20 hour work days and you use one of your remaining 4 hours to coach a hockey team, you should AT LEAST practice a few of the exercises until you feel comfortable demonstrating them.  Practice in the office if you have to.  Not only will this keep you awake, but it will make a sometimes mundane office day a bit more exciting!  You may want to consider going through the off-ice practices with your athletes.  Leading by example will be a great way to earn and maintain their respect.”

-Kevin Neeld

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