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6 AWESOME Nutrition Tips from Dr. Berardi

Today’s Thursday Throwback features 6 videos from Dr. John Berardi, the founder of Precision Nutrition. Dr. Berardi has been one of my go-to resources for nutrition information for the last 8 years. Not only does he stay on top of current research, but he’s the best in the industry at delivering nutrition information in a way that people will actually do it. I believe that most people have a general understanding of better and worse food choices, but few actually do. This seems to be a psychology/behavior change issue more than purely an information issue. This is really where Dr. Berardi excels. If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Berardi’s system, check out this link >> Precision Nutrition

If you’re looking for something more hockey-specific, be sure to check out Brian St. Pierre’s Ultimate Hockey Nutrition. Brian currently works for Precision Nutrition and delivers high quality nutrition information in ways that are easy for players at all ages to implement.

Ultimate Hockey Nutrition

6 AWESOME Nutrition Tips from Dr. Berardi

John Berardi is a brilliant nutritionist that has had a ton of success with a wide variety of people from elite athletes to non-athletes. His Precision Nutrition system is still the best nutrition product ever created. I think everyone should own a copy. For more information on Precision Nutrition, click here.

Below are 6 awesome videos of a TV interview that Dr. Berardi did with Christine Williams on the show “On The Line”. Take the time to watch these. Dr. Berardi goes through a lot of awesome nutrition strategies that will help you lose fat, and get lean and strong.

Part 1 – On The Line with Christine Williams
About me, my work, about the differences between athletes and recreational exercisers, and more…


Part 2 – On The Line With Christine Williams

How much protein should we eat, the body mass index, how to gauge progress, and more…

Part 3 – On The Line With Christine Williams

Advanced nutrition, healthy food/supplements, metabolism boosting foods, cravings, and more…

To learn more about how Precision Nutrition can help you get in the best shape of your life, click here.

Part 4 – On The Line With Christine Williams

Cutting cravings, metabolic slowdown with age, healthy recipes, fruits and veggies, and more…

Part 5 – On The Line With Christine Williams

Metabolism preservation, ideal rate of progress, crash dieting, loose skin, and we take some calls…

Part 6 – On The Line With Christine Williams

How to exercise, exercise for seniors, day 1 of your program, and more…

To learn more about how Precision Nutrition can help you get in the best shape of your life, click here.

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