$50 Off Hockey Training U’s Off-Ice Performance Training Course!

I recently got a facebook message from a 12-year old hockey player in upstate New York. In the interest of anonymity, we’ll call him “Future Crosby”.

Future Crosby told me he’d been reading my website and really liked the information.  He asked if I had any recommendations for him regarding hockey training programs to help him become stronger and faster.

Of course I did! That’s my specialty.  When I asked if Future Crosby had read my Off-Ice Performance Training Course, he said no, but he’d love to check it out.

A couple days later Future Crosby sent me another message and said he was going to start saving up his own money now so that he could buy it.

I have to tell you, I was EXTREMELY impressed with his attitude.  Having paid for almost all of my equipment my whole life, I can relate to having to save money for a long period of time to get something you really want.

That got me thinking. I originally discounted the Off-Ice Performance Training Course to $97 (down from $200) because I wanted to make it available for EVERY hockey player and coach.  I didn’t want the price to stop anyone from getting all the information they need to develop effective off-ice training programs for themselves (hockey players) or their teams (hockey coaches).

It never occurred to me that there would be young players saving up their allowance and yardwork money to invest in their own development!

I’m an idiot.

Lucky for everyone, I’m an idiot with a pretty good learning curve.

I’m in the process of developing TWO new hockey training websites that will completely change the hockey industry.

I’ll fill you in on more details about one of those sites as I finalize everything.

While the second site is a work in progress as well, I am selling my Off-Ice Performance Training Course on it now, at a substantial discount.

You can now get my off-ice hockey training course for ONLY $47!

It’s a little late Future Crosby, but I hope it helps!

Click here to check out my new hockey training site. I’d love to get your feedback on it so post your thoughts below or shoot me an email.

To your continued success,

Kevin Neeld

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