A couple weekends ago I was in Colorado Springs to present at the NSCA’s Training for Hockey Clinic. In advance of the conference, I did a quick interview with Brian Sipotz for the Hockey Strength Podcast that covered a few elements of my presentation “Performance Profiling.”

In the interview, we cover:

  • the purpose of the screening process
  • the value of communication and feedback for the players
  • common issues we see in hockey players
  • how working in the private sector helps Kevin coach in the team setting

The interview is available for free here: Using Data to Drive Program Design

Dryland Training for Kids and Teens

While at NSCA headquarters, I had an opportunity to shoot a quick video for USA Hockey with recent gold medal winners Brianna Decker and Kacey Bellamy from the US Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey team. With so many misconceptions about how youth hockey players should be spending their off-season, the goal of this video was to share some insight about how players can best facilitate their long-term development. The video is short, but offers a nice blend of perspectives from the S&C world and from players that have reached the highest level of sport (They’ve combined to win 12 Gold Medals in World Championships and 2 in the most recent Olympics).

Check out the video here: Dryland Training for Kids and Teens

Optimizing Performance & Adaptation

Lastly, we’re less than 30 days out from our seminar Optimizing Adaptation & Performance, which takes place on July 14th at MBSC in Woburn, MA. The seminar will dive deep into a wide range of topics, including:

  • Using blood markers and physiological goals to drive different nutrition and supplementation interventions to enhance adaptation, maximize performance, or facilitate recovery
  • Efficient ways to use assessment and monitoring data to improve individualization of training and recovery methods within a team environment
  • Effective program design strategies used to retain performance qualities and allow for recovery during times of increased competitive demand and stress

This is NOT just a seminar about hockey training, but instead is designed for strength and conditioning coaches, sports scientists, and rehab professionals working with athletes in any sport.

The goal is to provide you with a comprehensive model of athlete performance, including the assessment and analysis tools, as well as programming, recovery, nutrition and supplementation strategies to best serve the individual needs of today’s athlete.

Special Discounts for Performance Staffs

I firmly believe that staffs benefit from doing continuing education together, even if, or maybe especially if individuals have different responsibilities. When I ran a private sports training facility for 7 years, our staff hosted several seminars every year, and frequently traveled to other events together.

It gave us an opportunity to discuss the information together, learn from each other’s perspectives, and really explore every possible avenue for implementing the information into our setting.

To help facilitate this type of communication and benefit with other staffs, and because the seminar content will cover such a wide array of topics, we’re offering a special discount to accommodate organizations who want to register multiple staff members. Simply, the first staff member needs to register normally, and each subsequent member can register under the “Student” section, which offers a nearly 50% discount.

If you have any questions about the seminar, feel free to post them in the comments section below. I look forward to seeing some of you in Woburn in a few weeks.

Click here for more information: Optimizing Adaptation and Performance

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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