Today we’ll wrap up the “2011 Review Week” with the top hockey training, player development, and hockey nutrition posts of 2011. Before we get to that, don’t forget to check out the two previous posts:

  1. 2011 in Review
  2. Top Athletic Development Posts of 2011

Without further ado, here are the Top Hockey Training posts of 2011!

Top 5 Hockey Nutrition Posts:

5) UCAN Break Carbohydrate Dependence

4) Hockey Nutrition: Supplements

3) Hockey Nutrition: In-Season Eating

2) Weight Gain for Hockey Players

1) NO-Xplode Exposed

Top 10 Hockey Training and Player Development Posts:

10) Three Things Every Hockey Player Should Own

9) Hip Assessment for Hockey Players

8) 3 Things Hockey Parents Should Know from David Lasnier

7) Early Off-Season Hockey Training

6) The Truth About Practice: The 10,ooo Hour Rule

5) In-Season Hockey Training

4) 3 Lessons for Hockey Parents from the NHL

3) Hockey Development Resistance

2) The State of Youth Hockey

…And the #1 Hockey Training Post of 2011 is…drum roll please…

1) Play the Underdog

Before we wrap up the 2011 review, I think it is worth pointing out that one of the most highly viewed posts of 2011 was written in 2010! If you missed this when it was first written, check out what is one of the Top 5 most popular posts I’ve EVER written.

Read the post here >> The Truth About Sidney Crosby

Please pass this along to your friends and family! Thanks again for being a loyal reader over the last year. I’m looking forward to an exciting year ahead and continuing to get to know you better!

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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On Monday, I recounted a few of the highlights of 2011. If you missed it, you can check it out here: 2011 in Review

As I mentioned in that post, has grown significantly over the last year, all in thanks to your help in spreading the word. After reviewing the popularity of all posts over the last year, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Athletic Development & Training Posts of 2011. Check them out at the links below!

10) Predicting Long-Term Athletic Success

9) 5 Signs You Have a Great Coach

8) Combating Internet Ninjas

7) What if Talent Doesn’t Exist?

6) Dissecting a Hip Mobility Exercise

5) 3 Keys to Successfully Pairing Exercises

4) What Football Does Right

3) Training Around Femoroacetabular Impingement

2) Myofascial Release Basics

…And the #1 Athletic Development Post of 2011 is…drum roll please…

1) Shoulder Pain with Pressing Exercises

These were all well-received posts related to general athletic development and strength and conditioning. I’ll wrap up the week in a couple days with the top hockey training and nutrition posts of 2011. Stay tuned for that and please pass this along to everyone!

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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I wanted to interrupt our “2011 Review Week” to let you know about one of my favorite annual continuing education opportunities: The Sports Rehab to Sports Performance Teleseminar.

Every year, my friend Joe Heiler from interviews some of the world’s top professionals in rehabilitation and performance training and makes them available to you for FREE! This year’s line-up looks to be better than ever. Check out who’s speaking:

  1. Shirley Sahrmann PT – Movement Impairment Syndromes of the Cervical/Thoracic Spines and Extremities.
  2. Calvin Dietz – U. Minnesota – Triphasic Undulating Training Model, Submax.High Velocity Training, the Role of the CNS in Strength and Conditioning
  3. Charlie Weingroff PT/Bill Hartman PT – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Postural Restoration Institute
  4. Pavel Tsatsouline RKC – Kettlebell Training for Performance, Injury Prevention, and Rehab
  5. Patrick Ward- LMT, CSCS– Comparing the Soft Tissue Systems, the Fascial System and Load Transfer, STM for Recovery
  6. Kyle Kiesel PT – Motor Control Research and Applications to Rehab/Training, Diagnostic Ultrasound and Low Back Pain
  7. Greg Rose DC – 4×4 Matrix, Asymmetry and Motor Control Dysfunction
  8. Mike Reinold PT – RTC repair, Patellofemoral Rehab, Functional Stability Training
  9. Craig Liebenson DC – Functional Evaluation and Treatment
  10. Eric Cressey CSCS – Impingement and Instability, Power Training, Functional Stability Training
The lecture series will kick off on Tuesday January 17th at 8pm, with a new interview posted every Tuesday evening through March 21st.  Each interview will be available for the entire week on a free page on my site so you can catch them when you’ve got the time.
Click on the link below for more details and to sign up, and then look for the weekly e-mail with the link to the interviews:The Sports Rehab to Sports Performance Teleseminar
I look forward to this every year. I still regularly listen to several of the interviews from last year’s teleseminar. Head over to this link and sign-up now: The Sports Rehab to Sports Performance Teleseminar
It’s completely free, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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With 2012 officially upon us, it’s a great time to reflect on the past year, which was the busiest year of my life.

I knew 2011 was going to be an interesting year based on how it started. On New Year’s Eve last year, Emily and I went out with a group of our friends to a bar/restaurant in Center City Philadelphia to celebrate the occasion. At the end of the night, Emily wasn’t feeling too hot so we left early to grab a cab home. Unfortunately, and very uncharacteristically, there wasn’t a cab in sight. Apparently the other ~100,000 people in the city that night also decided they didn’t want to walk home in the sub-freezing weather. After 5 minutes of futile searching, we decided to huff it ~1 mile through the city to our apartment. About 23 feet into that journey, Emily was shaking because she was so cold. Dresses don’t make great windbreakers. At a loss for resources, I offered for her to wear my khakis to help warm her up, which she graciously accepted. 2011 kicked off with a freezing, pant-less saunter through the city! About a quarter of the way home, a clever gentleman yelled, “I guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship!”

All partial nudity aside, 2011 has been an exciting year for me. In addition to being swelteringly hot, the Summer was extremely busy.

Keeping cool in our 3rd floor Philadelphia apartment

Our off-season hockey group at Endeavor included 41 elite players from the Tier I youth level through those competing for NHL jobs, the majority of which were Junior A and NCAA players. This is in addition to the dozens of youth players we had. Naturally, with all of the assessments, individualized corrective work, and ongoing program management, our off-season hockey group kept me pretty busy over the Summer! I’m very proud of the work these guys put in over the Summer, and to see the growth in players competing at elite levels from the Mid-Atlantic area since I was a player. I always joke with people that I run a hockey-specific training facility in the hockey hot-bed of South Jersey. The Mid-Atlantic still isn’t Minnesota or Quebec, but the sport has grown tremendously over the last 15 years and as more players gain recognition from the area, it will continue to do so.

The kids took their liberties when I lifted all dress code policies for the last day of the off-season

Superimposed on this off-season group was my most concentrated continuing education efforts to date. From June 3rd through December 1st, I completed one home study course, attended 6 seminars, and 3 certification programs. These included trips to Boston, Chicago, New York City, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, and Lincoln, Nebraska. This was on top of the two trips I made to Blaine, MN and one trip to Quinnipiac University to help with the U.S. Women’s National Hockey Team camp testing and strength and conditioning, a trip to San Jose to help with the Sharks’ Training Camp, and a trip to San Diego with Emily to relax for a few days. Needless to say, I’ve gotten to know the Philadelphia airport!

 Me and Coach Boyle at the Perform Better Summit in Chicago

In the midst of the busiest year of my life, the release of my new book Ultimate Hockey Training stands out as the highlight of the year. Ultimate Hockey Training, which is only a few months old at this point, has sold extremely well and has received outstanding feedback from parents, coaches, and sports medicine professionals from all over the world. I appreciate all of your feedback and help in spreading the word. In 2012, I’m going to make a bigger push to improve the book’s exposure in hockey pro shops, super stores, and magazines. If you’re interested in selling it at your location and/or have any other ideas on how to make more people aware of it, I’d love to hear from you! Just shoot me an email and we can work through the details.

The Ultimate Hockey Training Package

This has been a groundbreaking year for as well. Over the last year, the site has received 188,535 page views, a ~99% increase from the previous year.  Much of this growth can be attributed to you, as it’s through you forwarding the posts you like via email, Facebook and Twitter that most people come across my site in the first place. Throughout the rest of the week, I’ll be recounting the top hockey training and athletic development posts of 2011. Stay tuned! And thank you again for your continued support. I couldn’t do it without you.

To your success,

Kevin Neeld

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