1-Leg Squat vs. 1-Leg Deadlift Continued

Watch the 1-leg squat and 1-leg deadlift videos that I posted the other day.  Can you see the slight difference in the movement pattern?

The 1-leg versions of these exercises are similar to the 2-leg versions.

The 1-leg squat with the leg in front is similar to a front squat.

The 1-leg squat with the leg in back is similar to a back squat.

The 1-leg deadlift is similar to a deadlift.

The back squat will load the hamstrings a little more than the front squat.  The deadlift will load the hamstrings a little more than a back squat.  If you watch the hips and torso you’ll see that they’re tilted forward more in the deadlift than the squat.

More hip movement and less knee movement means more force production from the hamstrings and less from the quads.

I use both, but at least initially try to write more hamstring/hip-dominant work than quad-dominant work into my athlete’s programs to counteract glute/hamstring weakness and excessive use of stupid exercises like the seated leg extension and leg press that most young kids do.

1-Leg Squat and the 1-Leg Deadlift.  Similar looking.  Different in muscular emphasis. Both effective. Both necessary.

-Kevin Neeld

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